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Spirit Of The Wind

Hi everyone,

I'm a big fan of Inazuma eleven and my favourite character is Kazemaru Ichirouta. Well, I like to draw.
I'll usually post anything Inazuma ♥
Thanks in advance for visiting my blog ♥
Wish you the best~


Kuroko no Basuke Clear BIG Card 6Q


Better quality of the poll results *Q*


Single: T-Pistonz+KMC - Supernova! / BIG BANG! (Special CD covers)


Some Players | Part 01

TRACK: Kuroko's Birthday Messages


Kuroko: You remember well. Today is my birthday.
Kagami: Oh, Kuroko, today’s your birthday, right? Happy birthday.
Kise: Isn’t today Kurokocchi’s birthday? Happy birthday!
Midorima: Today is Kuroko’s birthday… Happy birthday.
Aomine: What? It’s Tetsu’s birthday, isn’t it? Did you grow a little?
Momoi: Today is Tetsu-kun’s birthday! I wonder if he’ll accept my present.
Izuki: Today is Kuroko’s birthday? So that’s why he seemed so happy at practice.
Kasamatsu: Kuroko’s birthday? That’s why Kise went to Seirin, huh.
Midorima: Kuroko’s birthday… Celebrate it with everyone to the fullest.